Providing quality Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Planning since 1987.

Stuart Engineering was formed in 1987 and is a State of California Micro Business (Supplier #1075860) that offers the experience of a unique team that began working together over twenty years ago.  We bring to each project the enthusiasm, energy and aggressiveness of a seasoned firm, tempered by the high level of skill, knowledge and professional relationships that can only be built through long-term experience.

The Stuart Engineering team brings to each project extensive experience in providing property, construction and topographic civil engineering and surveying services.  Our staff includes licensed professional skilled computer-aided design and drafting operators. We employ workstation computers, large format scanners and plotters, and digitizers to prepare construction and surveying documents, legal maps, cost estimates and job-cost accounting.  We have in-house reproduction capabilities and utilize advanced reprographic techniques.  Our survey crews use high accuracy equipment and have the capability to perform GPS surveying.

Responsive, professional service to each individual client has earned us the privilege of working with many clients time and time again. With these long-term relationships, some spanning a decade or more, we approach each new and old relationship with the intent that it will continue for many, many years.